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Hello, I'm Matt!

A 30 year old digital artist with a discipline in the automotive community.


For 7 years I have combined my passion for automobiles and art with my background in graphic design and CAD creating a unique full time job for myself. I have worked with 100's of individuals as well as numerous commercial clients and events.

My passion for the automotive world blossomed once I started viewing automobiles from a different perspective, looking at them as an art piece first and a mode of transportation second. After visiting blogs that featured enthusiasts and cars they owned, I began to understand the connection and passion one develops with an automobile. From here I started appreciating vehicles for more than the appearance and design aspect, but for all the emotions it can deliver whether behind the wheel or not. The experience one has when paired with a vehicle they "love" was truly inspiring. I realized I could fuse my passions together and immortalize this connection for an individual and their vehicle.

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