Land ORver Defender 90 D90 illustration

Illustrated in a personal style, mixing simplicity and a touch of realism, these profile illustrations are a great way to display all those minor details that make your vehicle truly unique and special to you.

But it doesn't stop there, have an idea or upgrade you've been wanting to try but aren't sure yet? Illustrating new accessories, colors, wheels and more on your vehicle is a perfect way to see if it's something you'd like to pursue. Any idea and vehicle can be done.

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Dirt / Snow / patina

dirt snow patina variant updated.jpg



Trailers variant updated.jpg

Open tents & bikes

tent and bike variant.jpg

Highlight your vehicle from that one time you went full speed into that puddle, slid through the snow, or with those dents and scratches that add all that character. Maybe your vehicle isn't complete without its trusty companion? Trailers, bikes, and open tents make a great addition.

How it works

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Take and send over requested photos (photo

info is sent via brochure)

A timeframe and price will be sent to you. Payment info will be sent as your start date approaches. Commercial work always receives first priority.

Your illustration is then underway. It can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on project size and detail.

Once completed, the illustration is emailed to you for your review. If adjustments should be made, we will revise and update.

After your approval, the illustration files will be saved and sent to you via email!

Garage highlights


ClassiC 4x4

Camper / Tent

suv / truck