Land Rover Ad - Defender

Land Rover Ad - Defender

Digital Download - For Personal Use Only

Includes 4 file sizes in 2 file formats

- A4 Portriat .jpeg

- 11"x14" Portrait .jpeg

- 12"x12" (30cm x 30cm) .jpeg

- 12"x12" (30cm x 30cm) .png (Transparet Background)

All .jpeg files feature an off-white background.

This is not a physical product.


Files are in a .zipped folder anddelivered via download link after checkout and via an email link.


Please read the Terms of Use & Agreement, this download is for Personal Use only. Use for any commercial purposes is strictly forbidden and will result in legal action.

  • Terms of Use & Agreement

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    v. You may post the files online such as social media and forums. Although it is highly discouraged to post the files in full resolution online, as this allows easy theft and redistribution. After all, you are paying for the file(s), so why allow others to get them for free. If sharing online, please always consider crediting @10.and.2 and/or


    vi. You do NOT own any rights or use of a render(s) and Ten & Two reserves the right to continue using, selling, distributing, altering, etc. the render(s) at any given time.


    vii. You may NOT edit or change the render in any way. This includes but is not limited to; Changing the color(s) of the artwork or any component, adding or removing any component, etc.


    viii. Due to the nature of the product, refunds are not available.


    ix. If you are in violation of any terms listed above, the appropriate legal action will be taken and you will be liable for all legal and court fees.


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