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Test File Download

The free test file is provided in Blender format (.blend) created in version 4.0.

The scene contains numerous objects, materials, and light sources as seen below.

Text document included with 4 separate test results using 4 different computers.


1. Download the test file.

2. Unzip the document to access the folder contents.

3. Open the "Test File - 10&2.blend" file.

4. Do not change any settings once opened.

5. Render the scene / image. Do this by:

    - Locate the toolbar menu at the top of the window.

    -- Click Render to open the Render drop-down menu.

    --- Select "Render Image", a new window will appear.

6. Wait for the image to finish rendering.

7. Locate the render time on the top left of the window. Document this time.

8. Compare this result with the results in the text document provided in the download.

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Screenshot 2024-06-25 at 1.47.54 PM.jpeg

Find the render time here.

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